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Calgary has a long tradition of big bands with talented local performers that can help make any event memorable.


The Sentimental Journey Big Band has performed regularly for over a decade.   Every song is one you will recognize,  and our music will move you to a time and place that is connected to some of the best memories of your life.... the music of Ellington,  Basie,  Miller, Berlin,  Goodman and many, many,  more.


Our band features a full row of saxes, trombones, and trumpets and a solid rhythm section that will move anyone toward the dance floor.  Jazz harmonica:  Bob McFarlane.


Our featured vocalist,  Marina Theron-Monnery, sings every melody with a warm style that brings each classic big band tune and lyric back to life.  

Just like you heard it for the first time.

Marina Theron-Monnery

Bob McFarlane

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